noëlla morantin
boudinerie 2016


Noëlla is een noeste werker die buitengewoon mooie, stabiele, stijlvolle sauvignons, chardonnays (jaja), gamays en côts maakt. Allen veel materie, bite, toch elegant, zeer breed inzetbaar in de keuken, maar ook zo als glas met goed gezelschap.

appelatie: vin de france
druifsoort: gamay
jaar: 2016

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Noëlla Morantin

Noëlla is originally from Brittany but has been in the Loire since her first interest for wine. She was one of the students of natural-wine legend Christian Chaussard at the viticultural school of Vouvray that saw the likes of Christian Venier and Agnès et René Mosse on their benches. She internet at Mosse untill 2003 before she met Junko Arai of the now defunct estate Les Bois Lucas who hired her as director of operations. Working on vines carefully looked after for generations, as they used to be owned by Clos Roche Blanche, she worked closely with Didier Barrouillet and when they decided to halve the size of their domaine, Noella was offered to rent some parcels. Nowadays, Noella farms little above 9 hectare, having purchased her last parcel of Sauvignon in 2013. She farms Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gamay, Côt and Cabernet Sauvignon. All the work is done organically (certified in 2008) and vinification is non-interventionist. Every parcel is unique for Nöella, and she vinifies them all seperately. Her wine end up being mono-cépages, but that is just a consequences of her parcel approach. The whites are aged in 400 liter demi-muids and sometimes in fiberglass vats. All the wines are aged a year to a year and a half in used barrels, a different approach to most of the region’s producers who release wines the spring after harvest. Noëlla also rejects the A.O.C. and its bureaucratic politics and de-classified all of her wines to Vin de France. Noëlla makes two gamay, one in carbonic maceration ‘Mon Cher’, named after the eponymous valley and her “chéri”, her favourite parcel, with the same terroir as LBL. The gamay ‘Boudinerie’ is named after her house and is vinified traditionally. LBL is her newest acquisition and one of the best terroir of the area.

Vin de France “La Boudinerie”
Vineyard: rented parcel, named after Noëlla’s house
Grape variety: Gamay, 55 years old
Terroir: flinty clay, calcareous bedrock
Winemaking: hand harvested. Fermented ‘mille-feuilles’ (one layer of de-stemmed, one layer of wholebunch) in fiberglass vats. Few mg of S02 added at décuvage, none at bottling. Aged in barrels for at least a year.

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