escoda sanahuja
els bassotets 2017


Conca de Barberá (DO) – ‘Els Bassotets 2017′ 

Vineyard: ‘Els Bassotets’ near Prenafeta-Montblanc
Grape: Macabeo,  Chenin Blanc
Altitude: 450 m
Terroir: Clayey-calcareous.
4 months in French oak.

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Conca de Barberá (DO)

Located in central catalonia, north of the province of tarragona. Valleys of rivers Francoli and Anguera. Mostly known for its white wines. Wine history of the region is tied to the Church and after-philoxera it was replanted and grew economically then on.

Escoda Samahuja. Bought in 1997, organic straight away, biodynamic since 2003 and member of the PVN (association of natural wines)

No sulphur at all since 2007, indigenous yeast, no intervention.
10ha of olives, almonds and vines and a vegetable garden, also has a small farm with hens, chickens, turkeys, lambs, cows and horses. Supplies own compost without any chemical residues, fundamental for the translation of their terroirs in the wine.

The vines are always covered by a layer of vegetation in order to maintain the balance of the soil and to ensure that it is rich in humus and microorganisms. This is very important to maintain humidity as the climate is very dry. (hot in summer and cold in winter, average 14 with -6 and 36 in extremes, most of the rain is in autumn).

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els bassotets 2017” te beoordelen

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