les terres promises


Schitterend figuur, J.C.. Oud spindoctor uit het politieke hart van Frankrijk die in de Provence zijn leven een nieuwe dimensie gaf. Zeer intellectueel natuur. Ga dat maar eens proberen. Wijn met een soort van ingetogen magie. En welja, Bandol ook nog.

producent: les terres promises
appelatie: vin de table de france
druifsoort: mourvedre carignan
jaar: 2013

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Les Terres Promises – Jean-Christophe Comor

After a career as a political advisor, professor at the prestigious school of Political-Science and with a few academic publications and books under his name, Jean-Christophe decided to start making wine! He set up a small winery in 2003, using the few parcels of vines left while getting rid of bushes to plant more local varietals. He works with many, including Ugni Rosé Carignan Blanc, Rolle, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Carignan. The weather in the area makes it easier to farm organically. The micro-climate of the Coteaux-Varois is more extreme than in the rest of the region. Winters are colder and summers even hotter! The soil is mainly composed of eroded limestone with gravel and flint from the hillside. He sought advice with Catherine Breton and Marcel Richaud in his first years and now produces some of the liveliest wines of the region. He farms forgotten grapes such as Carignan Blanc, one of the area’s historical varietal thrown out of the A.O.C along with Ugni Blanc, in favour of more stable and fashionable Rolle for example.

Vin de Table de France “Abracadabrantesque” 2013
Vineyard: parcel around La Roquebrussanne
Grape variety: mourvèdre and carignan, average of 30 years old.
Terroir: calcareous clay on lakesides
Winemaking: hand harvested, de-stemmed by hand, fermented in tanks. Aged 50% in barrels used for four wines.

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