domaine des chênes
les olivettes


Eén van de rustieke domeinen van Vleck. De meest Bordeaux-getypeerde stijl in the house, maar dan net met wel dat tikje sappigheid, u begrijpt wat we bedoelen, Bordeaux…

producent: domaine des chênes
appelatie: vin de pays des côtes catalanes
druifsoort: muscat à petits grains, macabeu
jaar: 2015

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Domaine des Chênes – Alain Razungles

The domaine has been in Razungles’ family for almost a century. It is located in the town of Vingrau at the northern limit of the Roussillon. The village sits in a circus of white chalk cliffs. It is a famous spot for rock-climbers but also for archeologists as it is home to the cave of Arago, home of the tautavel man, ancestor of the neanderthal. The sandstone and rocky soil of the valley allows only pine trees, garrigue and oaks. The domaine owns about 30ha on the slopes leading to the cliffs, between 120 and 350m in altitude. Today, Alain Razungles, eonology teacher at the agronomical engineering school in Montpellier, runs the family domain. He vinifies dry whites, reds and sweet wines, showing the diversity and quality of the Vingrau terroir. The calcareous cliffs surrounding the valley gave birth to a very stony limestone terroir, draining and retaining water for the long and dry summer, allowing the whites to remain fresh. It also enables the red to developp good tannins providing structure for ageing. Above the cliffs, the vines are planted on sandstone hills that are also very stony, these soils filter better and are a good terroir for varietites who don’t need much water like Grenache or Carignan. The domaine is conventionally managed, but as Vingrau is one the driest area of France, this helps the vines greatly, against diseases or mould. The domaine favours plowing to force the vines to go deeper. Yields are very low.

Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes – “Les Olivettes” 2015

Vineyard: Planted on the foot of the cliffs

Grape variety: Muscat of Alexandria, Macabeu

Terroir: Stony limestone

Winemaking: manual harvest, traditional with ageing in stainless steel vats on its fine lees and further in the bottle.


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