jeremy quastana


Leerling van tovernaar Olivier Lemasson. Jarenlang geproefd, o ja, echte natuurwijn, die nog wat fine-tuning behoefde. Inmiddels ge-tuned als een roze Golf-GTI….slurpend lekker.

producent: jeremy quastana
appelatie: vin de france
druifsoort: gamay
jaar: 2018

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Jeremy Quastana

Jeremy set up his winery in 2010 and with only 5 vintages behind him you would not believe it when tasting his wines. He had originally enrolled at University to study history but after helping Olivier Lemasson picking grapes in 2004, he dropped out and enrolled in a oenology course in Bordeaux. ALthough he benefited from the course’s theoretical teachings, he says it actually taught him more about what to avoid in viticulture and winemaking as the Bordeaux mindset is still very much for intervention and the use of technology. He interned at Marcel Lapierre, like Lemasson . He soon took over two hectares of vines to produce hiw own. He has a 70 ares parcel of young gamay, 60 ares of old gamay and 60 ares of old côt. These parcels had been farmed conventionally in the past but had been abandonned for a year before het took them over and farmed organically.

Vin de France – “L’insurgé” 2018
Vineyard: 60 are parcel
Grape variet: old gamay vines
Terroir: Sand with schist
Winemaking: carbonic maceration, pressed softly, only the first juices are used. Bottled unfiltered and without sulfites.

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